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THE EKERE SAGA: The Other Side Of The Story


Have you heard the other side of the story of Mrs. Ntienseobot Anietimfon Ekere of 1, Udo Umoh close, Off Udo ikpe street, Off Nwaniba road, Uyo in Akwa Ibom state?

According to reports circulating on social media she was beaten and almost killed by her husband, Engr. Anietimfon Festus Ekere who works with Exxon Mobil. It is also said that the husband used a hammer on his wife's head in the middle of the night and also went ahead to bribe the Nigerian police to arrest her. Mrs Ntieneseobot Anietimfon has been married to her husband for over 20 years now with 5 kids.

Mr Anietimfon has come out to blast his wife on social media accusing her of sending Assassins to kill him and that she is running away from the Nigerian police so she won’t be identified by one of the culprits who is currently in police custody. Mr Anietimfon also said the rumors circulating that he arrested his wife after beating her up is not true, saying

"Who knows what a hammer is and for a man who could capture an assassin with his bare hand. The big question is why run away from the police. it should be noted that it was her who went to the police, I was arrested and released on bail. Need to verify please contact A division Uyo. She was never arrested except an invitation given to her to see if the captured assassin could identify her as the one who sent them."

"Has she told the story of her and her sister who came to my house on Thursday night (20th April} to assault my aged mother physically . The case is in area, Barracks road command Uyo should anybody want to verify. THERE ARE MORE STORIES TO COME"

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