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Do’s & Don’ts For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Gown


• DO set an appointment

Walk-ins are always welcome but if you set an appointment and talk to your consultant he/she can prepare dresses that would interest you and save you a lot of time.

• DON’T bring your entire entourage

While this is a very exciting moment in your life and you may want to share it with everyone it’s definitely not the best idea. The conflicting opinions could get quite overwhelming for you and sway your judgment on what dress you truly want.

• DO take pictures and take notes

Make sure the dress does not only flatter the front of your body but every angle. Take notes so after the appointment you can compare the features of each dress and narrow down the gowns so you can pick the perfect dress without pressure.

• DON’T feel self-conscious about your dress size

All wedding dresses are two to three sizes larger than your actual size. Your number one goal is to find a dress that fits appropriately and comfortably because you will be in the gown for quite some time so make sure you can breathe.

• DON’T try-on to many dresses

Try-on as many dresses as you feel you need but no more than that. After a while you will get confused and soon you won’t know what you like. Find the silhouette you like and roll with it.

• DO take your time

If you plan early you will have more than enough time to find the perfect dress for you. Picking the perfect dress takes time and you don’t want to rush something as important as the wedding gown.
Weddings are never perfect without a perfect wedding gown.

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