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Uruan Local Government Area

Uraun Local Government Area was created in 1988 from the Uyo Local Government Area. It covers an approximate land mass of 449km2. Its population, according to the 2006 Census, is 118,300, most of them who live in its 52 villages. There are creeks, rivulets, rivers, and streams, some of such empty into the Atlantic Ocean. This makes the area rich in fishes, shrimps, lobsters, crabs, periwinkles, oyster, etc.
Lying in the rain forest belt with an extensive arable land, the region abounds with the wild life, raffia palm and timber. The rich coastal plins support the cultivation of crops such as cassava, maize, etc.

The people of Uruan are largely fishermen, farmers and traders. In the colonial days, they were engaged in business with multinational commercial outfits like John Holt, and UAC at Ifianyong Usuk, which was once an important trading spot. The Area also specializes in canoe building and production of fishing inputs. Investment opportunities exist in the Area of Agriculture in the area of agriculture (including livestock and fish farming).

Natural Resources:
Uraun is rich in mineral deposits such as crude oil, silicon/glass sand, natural gas, sulphur nitrate, limestone and clay deposits.

Tourism Potentials:
The rolling hills in the north and water fronts in the central and southern parts of the Local Government Area provide beautiful scenery. The leading hotel in the State, Le Meridien Ibom Hotels and Golf Course/Resorts, is located in the Area. It is a great tourist attraction. There are 52 villages in the Area.

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